4 Tips to De-Stress

4 Tips to De-Stress

It’s been over a week since my last blog because…well…life! I love this community we have built so much but sometimes I feel like I may be letting you down. Over the years of wearing may hats, I have learned I need to take care of my own mental and physical health and sometimes that means making those hard decisions on what priorities take precedence. Hopefully, that makes sense to ya’ll.

It’s Friday and when I look back through the week and all that transpired, I sometimes wonder how I made it. I know most moms and dads have similar moments. This morning I was mentally exhausted from a rough work week. I scrambled to get myself ready, wake up my three kids and ensure they are each dressed appropriately, fed, and practicing healthy hygiene while also letting our chickens out of their coop, feeding the dogs, dispensing medication to our newly spayed and neutered kittens and then rushing to get in the car with the correct amount of time to drop kiddos off at their respective schools. I even managed to make and bring with me, a yummy cup of coffee. We practiced spelling words in the car and tried to maintain positive conversation to help them start their days off well. After the last kiddo was dropped off at middle school, the car was quiet. Then as I sat in silence, I faintly heard one of my favorite songs come on to the radio. I immediately turned the volume WAY UP and danced in my car to “No Impossible With You” by the band I Am They. My gosh, what appropriate timing. This song was speaking to my soul!

Bonus Tip: Seriously, add this song to your playlist, pop in your ear buds when you are getting ready for the day and do a little dance to wake up your soul and lift your spirits. “It might be too much for me but, There is no impossible with You”. AMEN.

Tip #1: Daily devotions are my favorite. However, I try not to over commit myself, so I typically choose one book for the year, keep it on my desk or nightstand and spend time in it as it makes sense with my schedule, my mood, etc. You get the picture. This book I linked to above, its amazing and so helpful.

Tip #3: My go-to this week was rubbing essential oils over my tense shoulders in-between meetings. For me, the stress sits in my shoulders and then develops into a stress headache. Check out Stress Away from my Young Living page. I literally keep this little bottle on my desk as my go-to when things get rough and I start to feel tense.

Tip #4: Hydrate! Drink lots of water. I tend to be an all-day coffee drinker, but trust me, drinking more water will help you feel SO much better.

I hope these ideas offer you some relief. It is so important to take care of ourselves so we can be at our best for all those who rely on us 😊 What types of things help you?

Until next week my friends, sending you lots of good vibes and hugs!

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Hugs ~ Kara

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