A prayer for health and healing as we embrace the coronavirus craze

A prayer for health and healing as we embrace the coronavirus craze

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Prayers to pray over your family as we navigate the new health scare of the coronavirus. Free prayer card printable below!

You will see across social media and the various media outlets several mixed messages, different types of coverage and LOTS of opinions around all things related to the newest strain of the coronavirus. This space is not one for me to educate you around washing your hands, instead I aim to be a place of comfort and provide thought inspiring nuggets to keep you and your family close to God.

Let’s focus on intentionally forming the conversations with our kids to not spark panic and foster miss information. My oldest son recently came home from middle school with a very matter-of fact comment that a virus was killing people! I inadvertently rolled my eyes at his dramatics and readied myself to correct him but then quickly noticed my very sensitive, middle daughter (who is much younger) was also in the room and overheard his statement. I could instantly see her cheeks turn flush and the wheels in her brain began to churn and churn and churn. She didn’t immediately say anything so I actually let the conversation go so I could ultimately figure out my approach. However, the following day it caught up with me…while driving in the car (when I basically forgot about it) she asked me “what is a virus”?

So, I share this sincere reminder to you fellow mommas out there, be purposeful with your conversations, be honest and shape the conversation as it fits to your family but remember it is an important conversation and one that should be addressed because they are already absorbing what they are hearing outside of your home.

Below is a prayer you can say alone or with your family.


Dear God,

My family needs your healing and protection today. As you see where no one else can fully see or comprehend, I ask for you to provide your healing touch to all the ailments of my family in body, mind and spirit. You know the pain being carried and the burdens we are hiding.  Ultimately, you know where we need to be set free. Please father, help me to find the words to guide, help me to find the strength to provide, and help me to glorify your name so my family can continue to know and love you. I humbly ask for your healing, mercy and protection so we will remain free of sickness. 

In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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Until next time friends, stay close to God and wash your hands (insert wink).



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