April - Autism Awareness Month

April - Autism Awareness Month

 I am an Autism Mom

Across the world, April 2nd is the 13th annual World Autism Awareness Day. My family is touched by Autism with our 11-year-old son being diagnosed since the age of 4. 

For our first blog post celebrating and educating the public about Autism, this is what I would like to share:

First and foremost, educate yourself. As a parent, even if you don't have a child on the Autism Spectrum, chances are your child knows someone who is. They might have them in a class a school, see them at church, out in the community, etc. During this time of social distancing and spending time at home, check out the resources below to educate yourself on what Autism is and what it may look like so you can then share the information with your children. This will help make them more aware, spread acceptance and understanding. Perhaps the more we know as a community the less "weird" it may seem. 

Stay tuned for more goodies from me this month and check out my NEW YouTube video here.

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Autism Education:
-Autism Speaks, what is Autism?
-Autism.org is a great site.


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