Autism mom pro tip - Navigating sports practice

Autism mom pro tip - Navigating sports practice

When you are a mom advocating for your kiddo at a sports or school practice, be mindful to NOT stand and watch with your arms crossed and a scowl on your face. Keep your arms down and share a loose smile. This helps you seem less intimidating and more approachable by the coach, teacher, etc.. more human. Remember, you are here to advocate and be friendly. You can flex your mama bear muscle as needed, but always lead with kindness, and remember the people you are working with are most likely not the expert of your child, you are.

Pro tip from this mom of an autistic kiddo navigating high school sports 💜 navigating your child’s life on the spectrum is always an opportunity for learning, and leading with kindness. We don’t always get it right but at least we can try.


My Autistic teen is finally a freshman in high school. During fall season he played football and this winter he is trying swimming. He has never swam before and is needing a lot of training and attention from the coach. She doesn’t necessarily have the time or patience for this. Know your states laws and rules around sports participation by a special needs kiddo. This will help you better understand how much you can push for inclusion and what resources are available. I attend every practice to encourage my kid to try, to not give up while he is battling the demons in his head. This particular coach won’t do this. If I wasn’t there my son would sit out. So I watch, I stand and I listen. Often times alone. I don’t cross my arms and look mad. I try to smoke and look approachable so the coach knows I’m an ally not a threat. Questions?? Reach out to me below!!

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