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Be an Esther, shift your mindset and embrace grace, positivity and faithfully trust God.

In the United States the Thanksgiving holiday is coming up fast so naturally this blog was set to be centered around all the blessings in my life. I believe this annual exercise of reflection, giving and thanks is meaningful. It sparks positivity, humbleness and perspective. However, as I started to jot down my thoughts my mind kept drifting.

At church this past Sunday the pastor talked about fasting and the book of Esther. I have always been drawn to the amazing women of the bible, but I admittedly didn’t know much about Esther. Really, my understanding centered around the phrase “for such a time as this”. It is easy to feel the weight of this statement and the beautiful meaning it embodies, but my heart was aching for more actionable insight. In this season of Thanksgiving I had a strong desire to purposely shift the conversation in our household.

In the simplest summary (for my wee little blog post) of something that is not at all simple, Esther is a remarkable example for women who might be in the middle of their own storms or just need a new outlook on life, to weather the course, maintain your self-respect, show respect for others, be humble and steadfast – a true grace under fire. Over the past few years I can share with sincere honesty I have learned how valuable this is and particularly important as I carry out my job duties, build my personal brand and develop my career. It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses of a fast-paced environment where perfection is expected of you or when your project relies on the perfection of someone else’s contribution. We can’t always get it right the first time and mistakes will happen; it’s how we handle them that matters. Be the woman that shows Grace under Fire.

Let’s take a page from Esther’s book and strive to keep a positive attitude and a faithfulness to God. Let us pray he will use us as a vessel for our own “such a time as this” moment. 

As I close for the week I look forward to a feast with my family where we will all write on little pieces of paper what we are thankful for then share them over a turkey dinner. I will try not to cry when I say how thankful I am for my husband, my kids, my sister, my parents, true friends and my beautiful, crazy life (it happens every year). I will undoubtedly enjoy every tiny moment of the kids running around screaming with laughter, spilled apple cider, sugar rushes and the inevitable tears of sibling rivalry. And when they are finally all cozy in their beds, I will start to binge watch Season 3 of Outlander on Netflix because I am just now understanding the amazingness that is Clare and James Fraser!

If you have stayed with me this far, peek at our newest SheisRegal design, Raising Arrows and order one for that momma, teacher or important human you are thankful for. I promise it's super soft and spreads such an important message. You can also read our last blog post about why we are here. Cheers!

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