Grand Opening of SheisRegal Clothing

Grand Opening of SheisRegal Clothing

We are beyond excited to finally share SheisRegal with our growing community. As you can see from our store front, our goal is to provide quality, Christ centered clothing to inspire, influence and empower all you awesome ladies out there!

I have already explained in the Who We Are page why I created SheisRegal but there is more to the story (isn’t there always). For our first blog post I figured it would be beneficial to share with you all the gooey details around it's inception, so let’s be real, let’s be honest. As a mom of three kiddos that cross a wide age range I am often feeling worn out and ran ragged. I had my fist baby, my special needs son, a little later in life (at the age of 29) although I think this is happening more and more these days – for me, I was focused on my education and then building up my career. I had in my head I needed to have a steady income where I could support my child on my own, not having to depend on anyone for support. I am woman, hear my roar, LOL! Anyway, I digress. Fast forward 10 years and two more precious babies, this momma had put on some weight and it was sticking around (mostly on my hips).

Our family moved four times in these 10 years (talk about stress) and while we were adventuring in Alaska (one of my absolute favorite places) I didn’t get much exercise and I didn’t make the healthiest food choices (Ben & Jerry’s oh boy). I stumbled upon a District tunic t-shirt that I purchased to support an organization I am passionate about and absolutely fell in love with it (the t-shirt). It was long sleeve, covered my rear end and had an inspirational quote on it. I wore it ALL THE TIME. Around the same time a fellow momma in my hometown Facebook Mom’s group stirred the pot on a hot (touchy) topic and a flurry of nasty comments ensued over multiple days. Call my naïve, but it really saddened me that the moms in my tiny community would allow this to happen instead of supporting one another and building each other up or taking the high road. Don’t get me wrong, this woman did instigate the conversation…but still, what happened with being classy, what happened to being kind…we are all mom’s trying to do our best and parenting is hard, adulting is hard.  

My mind began to swirl with how I could make a difference, what could I do to bring us back together, why did it go that far and that quick? I started to keep a journal of my creative ideas from hosting a lady’s lunch, a holiday bazaar with homemade goodies, tea party perhaps…I would put pen to paper with whatever filled my head. At the same time, I started turning to my bible more frequently for guidance, encouragement and wisdom. I added more tiny prayers into my daily routine. Washing dishes-in my head saying a prayer. Putting on my makeup-saying a prayer. I purposely shifted my thoughts (even if just for that ity bity moment) from the heavy list of to-dos for the day, the constant worries about my kids, stressing about bills, my marriage, my job and so on and so on. This one small change slowly eased some of that stress and started to lift my own spirits. It helped me shift back into a more positive headspace. Light bulb moment for me, why not add my favorite bible verses on to those comfortable, non-frumpy t-shirts I love so much and share them with my tribe, my community and pray that it makes even the smallest of impact in someone’s life. BAM – we have our first design for SheisRegal with many more inspirational, uplifting designs on the horizon to remind you, God’s love for you is a relentless pursuit and His word can and will steer you in the right direction. Until next time my friend.  

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