Happy New Year

Happy New Year from She is Regal

When I sat down to write this first blog post of the new year, I struggled. I’ve been struggling. All around me, on the news, on social media, in conversation, people are so adamantly saying how terrible 2020 was and they can’t wait for it to end. Yes 2020 was rough, but I also saw so much growth taking place.

COVID-19 has directly touched my life in a variety of ways. I’ve seen sickness, I’ve seen job loss, I’ve seen pain, I’ve struggled with having my three kids at home, I’ve struggled to homeschool them, my work performance has been lackluster, my marriage was tested and believe me, I’ve shed MANY tears. But even in those hard, dark moments, I picked myself up, put on a brave face (and mascara) and fought on. I really tried to focus on a positive mindset. I saw so many others going through the same struggles but continuing to charge on. It was inspirational.

For me, as I say goodbye to 2020, I don’t want to give it the middle finger, I want to say thank you…. THANK YOU for reminding me this tribe is bad ass, we are strong and courageous; we are creative and resilient. When put to the test, we can rise to the occasion.

Now is a great time, as we begin the proverbial fresh start to create goals or resolutions. Pin them on your vision board, write them on a post-it-note, tack them to your refrigerator, or write one down on your bathroom mirror. Whatever you do, craft goals that are attainable and keep moving your forward. Here are some ideas:

  • Reduce time spent on social media. Focus my spare time on my husband, my kids, and my family.
  • Give more compliments. It is sure to make someone feel a whole lot better.
  • Be a better listener. I struggle with this daily as my mind gets so excited to interject in conversations.
  • Reduce the clutter. Tackle one area of your life at a time to say focused. 
  • Show grace. Take a breath. Smile.
  • Attitude of Gratitude. When you have a grateful heart, things shift. Eat dinner as a family and share what you were grateful for that day. No devices. No cell phones.
  • Send love notes to my spouse throughout the week. Relationships need to be nurtured. Constantly.

Whatever your goals or resolutions are, do your darndest to stay positive and be kind to yourself.  Each day is a NEW day to try and do better than you did the day before. You won’t always get it right, but at least you will give it one heck of a try. It makes the wins that much sweeter!

In case you missed the announcement, I unveiled two new colors in our Be Strong and Courageous Tunic. Check out Frost Grey and Frost Navy here!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  – 2 Timothy 1:7

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Loved your positive words of encouragement and love, Kara!

Sandy Fisher

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