A little note from our founder.

Hello! My name is Kara and I am the creator and founder of SheisRegal. This store began as an opportunity for me, as a busy (full-time corporate working) mom chasing three kids around and carting them through town from school, football practice, dance practice, church, and play dates, to throw on a comfy t-shirt that still looked cute all the while spreading a meaningful message not only to myself, but also those around me. We often feel as though we aren’t being seen, but I can tell you from experience, other moms, friends, family, and our own kids DO see us and our positive impact on them can be profound. Get loud, let them hear your praises and be empowered to live your truth. I believe at my core, empowered women have a magical, beautiful power. 
My friend, regardless of where you are in your journey, you ARE worthy, you ARE brave, you ARE powerful, and you CAN do anything. Start by leading with kindness and use His word to lift you up (and those around you).
Send me a message and share your journey with me, send me your prayer requests or just shoot me a hello! Let's build this kind community one by one ~when we sing, enemies flee~